Create personalized karaoke track of your favorite songs

Personalized Karaoke

Create personalized karaoke tracks of latest songs. This online karaoke maker is Free, Simple and Fast.

Make your own karaoke in just few clicks.

Steps to Create Karaoke Track

Upload Audio/YouTube Url

Click the YouTube icon to add a URL link Or click Choose Files to load a locally saved audio file.

Choose Instruments

Choose one melody instrument and three instruments for layers from the available choices.

Download Karaoke Mp3

You will receive an email with a download link once the process is complete or click on Download button

Make your own karaoke online

What is Personalized Karaoke?

In short, a personalized karaoke track is a track that is created based on your input. 

Typically, Karaoke tracks are created by removing the vocals from a song. The original instrumental part is retained so that you can sing over it. However, most of the software used in creating karaoke tracks doesn’t provide you with an option to automatically add melody to the karaoke track. Karaoke maker gives you an option to modify the original arrangement by adding melody and layers. is an advanced tool for creating personalized karaoke tracks. Here are a few key features that can help you make your own karaoke.

1. Personalize karaoke track by adding instruments for melody 
2. Add layers of instruments to the karaoke track
3. Original quality of the track is retained throughout the process

Remove Vocals from Songs

While we provide the advanced options to create a personalized karaoke track online, we also have a basic option to just remove vocals from songs. 

To utilize this feature you can perform the below steps.

Remove vocals from Youtube videos

  1. Copy the Youtube video link from YouTube
  2. Click the Youtube icon on home page
  3. Paste the Youtube link that you copied in step 1 in the “Add Youtube Url” box
  4. Leave the Add Melody box unchecked
  5. Enter your email (optional) if you don’t want to wait for the process to complete
  6. Submit. You will get an email with download link to mp3 file with no vocals

Remove vocals from mp3 or wav or other audio files

We support all popular file extensions so one less thing to worry.

  1. On home page click the section that says “Select a File”
  2. Leave the Add Melody box unchecked
  3. Enter your email (optional) if you don’t want to wait for the process to complete
  4. Submit. You will get an email with download link to mp3 file with no vocals


Smule Performances on Karaoke Tracks Generated by Myra's Online Karaoke Maker

More than just Karaoke

Online Karaoke Maker 2.0 online karaoke maker is an advanced tool for creating your own karaoke track. It not only removes the vocals from the song but also is capable of adding melody and instrumental layers to the karaoke track. 

Try it out!!


Youtube Video to Karaoke

It’s pretty simple to convert a Youtube video to a karaoke track online with All you have to do is enter or paste the Youtube URL and submit.


Audio to Karaoke

If you already have the audio file of the song then you can just upload the file to will convert audio to karaoke online in matter of few mins.


Add Melody to Song

This inbuilt feature lets you add melody to your song. So if you have recorded your song let’s say just with Guitar then you can use to add other instruments to your song.