Who We Are?

About US

We are a team of musicians, mathematicians, sound engineers and computer engineers. We designed Myra to help people like us create some cool music. We made Myra flexible to accommodate both professional and non professional musicians. And yes, we also added a bit of fun element into the app.  


It’s something special to have your own musical creation. We have built features that help you achieve this. Our rap or short song creation feature lets you choose a beat and sing along. If you write short raps or songs then Myra can help with the beats. You can use our AI generated beats to rap. The videos you create on app are free to use for business or personal purpose.  Showcase your work to your prospective customer or friends. Have fun!!

Our mission is to make music accessible and free to everyone.

Myra Features

  • Watch videos and listen to music made by artists from around.
  • Create and Record music videos while singing or just sing without a video.
  • Customize your song using our integrated audio effects. 
  • Share your music on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and many more.
  • Combine your music with the power of social media and become famous.
  • Connect with a growing community of budding artists and musicians. Share your voice and have fun!

Our Vision

Myra application is created for content creators with minimal to no musical background experience. The Myra app provides a unique opportunity for users to create their own music with minimal effort. More additional features are currently under development that will further enhance the user experience as well as the ability of users  create more professional and fun music with features such as AI Generated music using the users voice and music challenge features for group duets.