Create Personalized Karaoke using Myra's Online Karaoke Maker

Create Personalized Karaoke using Myra's Online Karaoke Maker

Personalized Karaoke Audio Tracks

There is a saying that music resides in people’s soul. It has been said that music is the sound of the soul. Until recently it has been the voice of a selected few and millions of souls dying to sing. But technology has figured it out and made music the sound of soul by bringing singing and music-making directly to mass population. Now, more people are singing, more music stars are out there, more songs are released.

Over years, music space has been evolving through Apple iTunes stores, Spotify Google Play, Pandora, SoundCloud or Amazon stores. New Apps have also evolved continuing to expand music space over time enabling more people to sing along like professional singers. A couple of such popular Apps include Smule and Starmaker. These Apps provide a platform to individual users for uploading their own track, using an existing track or joining other singers. But these Apps do lack a source of audio tracks. They leave it to the users to responsibly upload tracks for non-commercial purpose, i.e., just for fun.

MyraMusic has created a web-based software for users to create quickly a good quality audio track for digitally recorded songs. Non-digitally recorded songs would also work equally well, except some fidelity would be compromised. For this reason, MyraMusic enables users to add melody and some additional music layers to fill in the gaps created in turning a song into a karaoke audio track.

MyraMusic created the Personalized Karaoke software primarily for Smule or Starmaker like singing Apps where the user interface is already available, but karaoke tracks are needed for fun. The process of making a track is super simple. Enter a link to the song on YouTube or Vimeo like platform in the MyraMusic software, and enter your email to receive the karaoke track. The User has a choice to add melody or instrument layers. It takes a few minutes to get your own karaoke audio track.


Comparing with the other products that generate karaoke tracks. For example, Karaoke Version provides a paid service, a karaoke song with customization costs about $10 per track. Peter Davis teaches how to make a Video Karaoke track which requires an audio track that can easily be generated using MyraMusic.

Ease of use or user-friendliness is a key to making such product successful. “MyraMusic is designed keeping the user convenience in mind,” says its founder.

MyraMusic™ provides personalized karaoke tracks through its website





1 February, 2024