Harmonizing Creativity: The Myra Journey

Harmonizing Creativity: The Myra Journey

Myra's Story

Founded in 2020 in Silicon Valley by Mayank Thakur, Myra embarked on a mission to democratize music creation, embracing simplicity, originality, and personalization in the process.

As a hobbyist musician, Mayank grappled, like many others, with the daunting task of creating and refining original sounds. This endeavor often proved time-consuming, overwhelming, and challenging. Mayank approached it similarly to solving a math problem, uncovering the precise tensions and frequencies required for the desired outcome. He believed that mastering the mathematical aspects of music could elevate one's musical prowess.

With 7 billion people on Earth, approximately 5.6 billion indulge in or listen to music daily. However, only a fraction of this populace possesses the ability to create music. Myra aspires to bridge this gap.

The Myra Team

The Myra team is built up and founded by engineers and musicians alike, including Sahil Jain, Raj Meka and Praveen Gupta, who are each charged with solving the math behind the music.

The team met at a Karaoke meetup group, spearheaded by Raj and Praveen, renowned as the largest Bollywood karaoke group in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over a decade-long friendship fostered within this group, they joined together on their lastest venture, Myra. 

Mayank, as Chief Executive Officer, and Sahil, as Chief Technology Officer, spearhead the development of Myra's AI Music Generator. Mayank is also responsible for managing the business affairs and investor relations. Raj, as VP of Operations, oversees operational and infrastructural needs, while Praveen, as VP of Customer Engagement, facilitates user interaction to glean invaluable insights.

About Myra

Think of Myra as a vending machine for originally crafted music, just like you would insert a coin to get your candy of choice, you simply send a straightforward chat message to Myra and receive music tailored to your specifications.

Positioned as a conversational AI Music generator, Myra sets itself apart by engaging in human-AI dialogue to craft music. Myra utilizes chat-based instructions for generating intricate compositions, with the ability to refine and modify them through subsequent chat interactions.

By comprehending contextual cues and selected categories, Myra adeptly tailors its music generation process. Moreover, users can effortlessly adjust parameters, limited only by their imagination.

Furthermore, Myra incorporates built-in data encryption and authentication measures to safeguard user privacy.

22 February, 2024