Singing to a Beat: An Exercise in Creativity

Singing to a Beat: An Exercise in Creativity

MyraMusic’s 'Create Challenge' involves making a 40-second video of parodic, cover, or creative composition. In this case, minimal music is given but one needs to sing following the music by beats. To make a 40-second video one needs to hear the beats and pick one that sounds good. Then, pick a topic of interest. In that interest area, identify some cover songs, related to various topics, and pick one that may sound similar to the selected music by beats. Now, the user modifies the lyrics and creates a parody.

According to a user, Ideally, we would love to see a user selects any topic, write 5-8 lines, sing it out, find a suitable beat, and sing it to the selected beat. In this case, one needs to be a creative person, who could be given a topic, relate personally to the topic, create a few lines, and sing to the selected beat. Once a song or video is created with MyraMusic® App, audio/video filters can be applied to beautify the song.

MyraMusic App was developed by a Silicon Valley startup, MyraMusic with a vision of providing AI-Generated soundtracks on demand. Create Challenge® is based on AI-generated music by beats. For more information, please visit MyraMusic.

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1 February, 2024