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Rap Challenge on Myra App

Beats to download for free

Myra provides a platform to rappers and short song composers or music lovers to showcase their talent. To top it all we provide beats to download for free. Further, our “reply with video” features provides a unique platform for rappers to participate in virtual rap challenge. 

How to enter rap challenge on Myra

This event is a FreeStyle Rap Challenge. Each participant rapper has to do the following on Myra App.

1. Create a rap challenge: 

In this the rapper creates a short freestyle rap video (maximum length of the video recording is 45 seconds). The rapper has to choose one of the beats available on the App , create the recording, add effects/filters and publish the rap

2. Reply with video: 

In this the rapper has to reply to one of the exisitng videos of other rapper on the app. Participant has to click the “Reply With Video” button and reply to the exisitng video like you would in face to face rap battle or rap challenge. Again the max limit of reply rap is 45 seconds.

Once you have done the 2 steps above, please register yourself for draws by entering the details below.

This event is meant to be for fun and entertainment. Only the Rapper or artist who created above 2 videos before every Friday 5:30 PM PDT will be considered for draws. We will send a $15 digital gift card to the lucky winner through email.