Create Rap

What is Rap Challenge?

Rap Challenge is a freestyle rap. It can either be performed live or recorded and published. Typically the host or MC is the person who starts the verses and then will perform on the same stage to see who has the better verses.

Myra provides a platform for amateur, non professional , professional, rappers to create their own rap then challenge their friends or fellow rappers just like you would do in a live Rap Challenge or Battle. Your friends can join the Rap Challenge you created by entering the code for the challenge. You can share the code to your friends using sms or messaging or social media platforms. A person creating the Rap Challenge on Myra is like the MC who would perform on the same stage to see who has better verses.

Create your own Rap

Our beta app provides you an option with list of beats. You can chose one beat and see if it goes with your Rap. Once you have finalized on a beat the next step is to record the Rap. Just click on record button and it should start recording your Rap. Each rapper has a up to 30 seconds for each rap piece.


Add effects to your Rap

After you have recorded your Rap, hit the “Next”. Then hit the effects button to apply cool effects to your Rap.

Invite and Publish

The last step is to Invite your friends to participate in the rap challenge you just created. In order keep the challenge secured and respect privacy, only people who has the code that was shared by you will be able to join the challenge.