You can do below tasks. 1. Download Original Track and use as you like 2. Merge myra original track as background music to your video. 3. Generate unlimited new tracks based on tempo (fast or slow). This feature is only available to Pro users. 4. Share your creation with your friends or collaborate with other artists. 4. Use any of our tracks and build your own song on top of it. Don’t worry about copyrights or Royalty.

Merging option is available on myra app. Currently, myra app is only available on IOS AppStore for iPhones. We will soon be launching the Android version.

Sure, we have built this tool keeping in mind the needs of content creators. All we ask is to credit us by mentioning somewhere in your content or web page about myra.io. For example, you can say “Background music by www.myra.io”.

Pro users get access to unlimited tracks. They can generate unlimited new original tracks.

Myra tracks are designed as loops. So if your video is of 5 mins and if you have selected a myra track of length 1 min then our software will loop the myra track 5 times so that it covers the entire length of your video.

We have couple of tracks more than 3 mins in free version. We have several tracks around 4-5 mins in the Pro version. We open up new tracks to free version every week. So just keep an eye on the play list and you will find more tracks of longer time.

Short answer is that it depends. If you are merging a HD video then it might take a little longer than the regular video. Also merging is faster when you are on wi-fi compared to when you are on your phone data plan. Then there are other factors like signal strength, connectivity etc. if you a have reasonable internet speed then merging a 10 mins video will just take couple of mins.

Myra provides several short musical loops which can be used as background music for video contents.Here is how it works. Choose a musical loop that you like, upload your video and myra will merge the audio and video together. You can then export the final video on your phone or any cloud storage like iCloud, dropbox etc. You can also save the video within myra app and share with your friends. We store all user tracks in cloud and all the data is secured.

Myra app has all original tracks generated by AI and complex algorithms on top of AI. Therefore, you will not run into copyright or Royalty issues if your intention is to monetize your video content.

For large enterprises, we provide customized package. Please contact us and we will be glad to work with you.

Short answer is yes. If you have the lyrics we encourage you create your song and use that song as you like.

Humans and computers have done wonders working together for past couple of decades. While computers cannot replace humans but it can surely help in making things easier and interesting. Our effort is to help people create new music with a little bit of help from the computer. Our software creates tunes that can give a composer new ideas. We welcome people to use our music as they like.
myra is a platform which creates music based on complex algorithms and AI. All tracks generated in the app are Originals.
We have users who built an entire song by adding their own lyrics to the tunes generated by Myra. We also have users who have taken the idea of a tune from Myra Original track and composed an all together different song.
Users are welcome to post their original tracks on Youtube or Spotify or any other platform. Users can monetize their Original track. As far as copyrights and royalties go, we have no strings attached.

With marketing and advertising getting more and more digitalized, content creation has become a very competitive field. A content creator has to think of new ideas to create his or her content so that the content is liked by millions and thus monetize their content. For video content, background music is one of the components that adds falvor to the entire mix. While it may not be the most important thing but it definitely is one of the biggest pains when it comes copyrights and Royalties. Here are few drawbacks in today’s world around background music for content creators
High cost to get background music
Figure out Copyrights and Royalty issues
Spend hours for merging audio and video
With myra app all the above problems have been solved. Besides regularly addning new tracks to the free version , Myra app has several awesome tracks already available to download totally free. All these tracks are generated by complex algorithms and AI. Therefore, content creators no longer have to worry about copyrights and royalties. Pro users ($2.99/month) have access to unlimited tracks for life.

Myra is also helping large enterprises by customizing music as per their needs. In this program, myra team works with the customer to identify their requirements and delivers music in no time.

Please send an email to contact@myra.io with subject line “Delete My Data”. We will delete your personal data or content once we receive your email. We will also delete any 3rd party social login (Facebook, instagram etc) that you might have used to log in or when creating account with Myra.