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Freestyle Rap with a Beat is Rap at its Best for Fun!!!

Rapping is like talking in a rhythm to a beat. It still takes courage for someone to think of lyrics and speak or sing to a beat. A comedian said rapping is singing without a typical melody. Freestyle Rapping is singing with or without instrumental beats, lyrics are extemporaneously thought off on the fly without any planned structure.

MyraMusic is designed to bring Hip Hop music to a common person instead of someone called a ‘Rapper’. Yes, Rapping is a special style of music. However, it has been limited in its adoption in our society. At MyraMusic, we are working to make Rapping or Freestyle Rapping, or Singing folk music in a variety of ways.

With MyraMusic App you sing or talk to a beat for up to 45 seconds then invite you’re a friend or two to build on it and just have fun sharing or inviting friends to join you.

MyraMusic provides you computer-generated or AI-generated beats to sing and make a short video for fun.