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How to Add Custom Background Images to Karaoke Video?

Personalize your Karaoke Video with custom background images

Adding background images to Karaoke video is super easy on
However, we have to keep in mind below points before we upload pictures. This will ensure the background images are not stretched.

Aspect Ratio of Images

Aspect ratio refers to the proportion between the width and height of an image or display. is optimized for 16:9 and 1280 * 720 pixels. 1280 pixels wide and 720 pixels high.(also referred as High Definition) 

The aspect ratio of 16:9 means that the width of the image is 16 units, and the height is 9 units. In the case of a resolution of 1280×720 pixels, each unit would be represented by 80 pixels (1280 ÷ 16), so the height of the image would be 720 pixels (9 x 80).

To capture photos with this aspect ratio and resolution, you would need to use a camera or device that supports this aspect ratio and resolution setting. You can usually select the aspect ratio and resolution settings in the camera’s menu or in the device’s settings.

To edit a picture with a different aspect ratio to this 16:9 spec, you would need to use image editing software. The process of changing the aspect ratio would involve cropping the image to fit the desired aspect ratio, or adding padding to the image to fill in the extra space. You would also need to resize the image to match the desired resolution of 1280×720 pixels. The specific steps to achieve this would depend on the image editing software you’re using.

Uploading Images to Myra's Review Screen

This a a straight forward task. While you are on the review screen, you will see “Choose File” button. Click on that button and choose an image file. Few of the popular image file extensions are png, jpg, jpeg etc.

If you have accidentally uploaded a wrong image or file then just click on remove button and upload the correct file again using the same process. See below.

Space different Images between different times in the song

Spacing means how long you want a specific picture to show in the background if you have uploaded more than one images. For example if you uploaded 3 images and you want something like below.

  • 1st image to show from start of the song till 30 seconds
  • 2nd image from 30 seconds to 120 seconds and
  • 3rd image till the end of the song

In this scenario, below the first line in “Review and Personalize” click “Choose File” and upload the 1st image. Then scroll down and find the line that has a start time closest to 30 seconds (all times are in seconds) and upload the 2nd image. Repeat the same process and find the line that has start time closest to 120 seconds and upload the image.

This way you will have 3 different images spaced at different times. In below screenshot you can see the 2nd image uploaded in a line which has start time closest to 30 seconds.


Upload Multiple Background Images to Karaoke Video

I am sure you got a hang of it. It’s pretty simple and straight forward.

If you have questions or suggestions please reach out to us.