Create personalized karaoke track of your favorite songs

If you can’t Rap, it is OK! You can Sing to Beat!!!

People love Freestyle Rap or Hip Hop. it is just cool to be just shaking. Who doesn’t, it is so natural? Instead of Rapping, let’s take it one step further. Many of us think we are not Rap guys. A typical response is, “I don’t do Rap.” If you Rap, it is awesome! Here is fun to watch Freestyle Rap made on stop. If you do not Rap, you have a choice and still enjoy being a hip hop. At MyraMusic we call it Sing to Beat (S2B)!


How can a novice use MyraMusic App? Well, it begins with installing the app on your mobile phone. The iOS version is available, and the Android version is coming soon. After setting up your profile, you are set to be on your way to sing to a beat you like. Think of an event you did that day or any other day or the one that haunts you or you cherish. Think of activities you did or experienced in that event. Think of keywords associated with those activities. Now, start telling yourself about the activity using the keywords and write it down. This is your first draft of lyrics you would sing in a few minutes. For a 35-40 second Rap, you may need 8-12 lines depending upon the speed or tempo of the song.

Fine-tune and make lines rhyming, sing it out, tap with your feet, or shake your body.  Notice the rhythm or the beat that you may like to go with it. Launch MyraMusic, click on the ‘+’ sign, pick a beat, tempo, and the filter to your taste, and select the beat. You are ready to sing to the beat. Go for it, if you do not like it, you can always go back and redo it before saving and publishing it.

Tell us if you are able to follow the steps and Sing to Beat (AI-Generated) at MyraMusic (S2B)