Create personalized karaoke track of your favorite songs

Instant Rap with AI-Generated Beats

Instant Rap with AI-Generated Beats seems to be a far-fetched thought. Music is defined as anything that sounds good to one’s ear. It is kind of relative. That is why sometimes you might admire a song but your friend might abhor it. The Source of the music could be an artist, AI-Generated music, or computer-generated music.

Most people think they cannot sing, or they do not sound good or disappoint people. They don’t know how to sing, they don’t have a good voice, or so many reasons not to sing. As we all know everything in nature has a musical sound associated with it. The sound of rain, the sound of frogs, sound or wind, thunderstorms, lightning, etc. People use these sounds to meditate or use them in their songs.

With MyraMusic, we give you AI-generated beats to select from. Select any beat that would work for you. As they say, Rap is like talking to a beat. Thus, it requires no practice. If you write lyrics upfront on a topic like to please your beloved or the lover, or just say whatever comes to your mind with the beat you choose. It may take a few iterations before you may like your conversation with a beat.

It is simple. Select ‘+’ to create a video, select a beat and start recording for up to 40 seconds. Then, add special effects as you please and you are ready to share with a friend, invite a friend or simply publish it.