Create personalized karaoke track of your favorite songs

Making Instant Music Using Free Beats

Making Instant Music Using Free Beats is now starting to get some attention. Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is used in everything. AI is a combination of user data analysis, technology, and proposed solution. Such a solution is being developed by MyraMusic in creating music on demand for amateurs as well as serious composers. On its journey to becoming a soundtrack-making machine, MyraMusic has launched its Rap Challenge game based on AI-based computer-generated beats instead of being created by an artist. This enables MyraMusic to offer Free-Beats without any subscription or royalty. While other Apps in the marketspace offer only Royalty-Free Beats for a subscription.

How one gets Free Beats

MyraMusic App allows you to sing to a Hip Hop beat, Rap beat, or any other song beat, and make a video of up to 45 seconds. You can then invite your 1 or two friends to join, so your friends can do the same, and the viral chain can continue. Anybody anywhere can use the MyraMusic App to sing to any available beat, Hip Hop Beat, Rap Beat, Bollywood Beat, or any other music.  It does not stop here. MyraMusic also allows users to download the beat for its unlimited use after that. MyraMusic allows one to download up to three free beats for each video created on the Appl.