Yes, you can rap with myraMusic

Hip Hop or Rap is music in which rhyming speech is chanted to a beat or musical accompaniment. Rap though started in the U.S., but it can be sung in any language anywhere in the world.    

Typically, rap is a rapid, slangy, or even bragging pattern sung or spoken by a person or a vocal artist, vocalist to beat. 

Rap beat is a cool dancing beat, making people shake their bodies as soon as they hear it. It is fun to rap.

For MyraMusic™ its Create Challenge is a Rap or sing to a beat. The MyraMusic App provides the beat, additional instruments, and the ability to set the tempo suitable to your style of singing. You can pick any topic and just start saying something following a beat. You are rapping.

I believe most of us rap without a beat but rapping with a beat makes the music and engages your body. MyraMusic’s Create Challenge offers you just that.

Here are three steps to rap or sing on MyraMusic. 1. Get the MyraMusic App, 2. Personalize it and 3. Start rapping or singing to your beat. You are literally rapping to your beat or singing to your tune. You can challenge your friends to better you or add to your piece. Together, you can make a track or even a cover.

As one comedian said, Rapping is saying something in a rhythm but without a melody. It is a freedom of musical expression. Count yourself in. 😊

Rap on AI generated beats

Composing with AI-Generated Music

The idea that AI-generated music can be used to compose fully a new song is still evolving. AI-generated music is based on the various instruments and their samples, so-called loops, availed to create music. The analog sound is continuous and digital is discrete. If more discrete sounds put together, they could create an analog-like sound. The fidelity of the AI-generated music to the analog version is key in making the ultimate music.

Like other computer software programs, AI-generated music Apps can be an accelerator for the music industry. If a song takes 4-6 weeks to create, AI-generated music could reduce this time by 50%, or if creating a score for a movie could take a very long time, but AI-generated music could reduce the total effort.

One of the main benefits of using AI-Generated Music Apps is the ability to brainstorm, iterate, trial and error, and utilize the musicians’ creativity. AI-generated music is not going to replace musicians instead it would expand their capabilities. Yes, in some cases some less-creative work could be performed by AI-generated music. It would not probably generate a ‘hit’ song but it would enable more songs by a musician, increasing odds of a hit song.

Rap on AI generated beats

Getting a Grasp of AI-Generated Music

Until recently, to enjoy music live required performance from a people in person, i.e., the live performance. Musicians performing keyboards, strings, percussion, chants and other variety of instruments. Radio and prerecorded music made it possible to distribute a performance to a wider audience. Recording mechanisms evolved through records, cassettes, recorders followed by broadcasts, Internet, and remote broadcast stations. More people enjoyed the music. It is rare to find a person who does not like music. Any event in nature or produced by humans produces a sound or melody associated with it. Thus, music is considered a part and parcel of humans. Some call it the sound of soul.

In the music technology ecosystem, there is music production, music packaging and distribution, and payment to artists. There has been a significant evolution of the storage of music, distribution, editing, and enhancement of the music. Currently, there is an interest in producing music faster and even less expensive for corporate applications or even for entertainment purposes.

For a solo composer, playing multiple instruments would be practically impossible. Thus, the technology can provide musical accompaniment to a solo composer. The user must learn the use of software to produce the desired music. Current software products include sound fonts or music loops for various instruments and makes them available to a user composing music.

However, with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in generating music, the software program listens to a human voice, analyzes it, and generates a piece of music

AI-generated music for consumers is an evolving technology. Stay connected to keep yourself updated. Join our email campaign program for this initiative.

Rap on AI generated beats

Rap on Ai generated beats?


It’s something special to have your own music

al creation. We have built features that help you achieve this. Our rap or short song creation feature lets you choose a beat and sing along. If you write short raps or songs then Myra can help with the beats. You can use our beats to rap and the videos you create on our app for your personal or business purpose.

Get Inspired for Rapping:

Scroll up and down the app to watch various amazing rap videos created by artists from all around the world. Express your admiration by liking their videos, writing a comment or following them. Besides this, we also provide a unique feature of “Reply with Video”. In this feature you can reply to an original video with your video. It’s our effort to create a “Rap Challenge or Rap Battle” kind of platform for various artists around the world. Don’t shy away from this, it’s quite fun. Your video replies will be available under the video replies section of the app in the feed view.


Create Rap Challenge:

If you have lyrics in your mind or on a piece of paper and are struggling to get the beats for your rap or song then we have you covered. We provide a list of beats to choose from. Just choose the beat that goes with your rap. You can choose to increase or decrease the tempo of our AI generated music and AI generated beats so that it fits your song. It’s interesting to see how artists or rappers can convey what they want to say in just thirty seconds, which is the maximum limit of a rap or short song on our app.

You can apply cool video and audio filters once you have recorded. This takes your creation to the next level. If you need beats for your song or music for your song and we can help.


Once you have published your video you can share your video with friends or your prospective customer. Your prospective customer can check out your creations on Myra and make the decision quicker. Create your rapper profile on myra. We have free beats for rappers and free music for song composers available. Our effort is to make a virtual rap studio available to you where you can create professional rap music and songs. Rap challenge and Rap battle are a way to create a community for rappers. so bring it in!! We welcome amateur rappers , non professional rappers, music composers and anyone who wants to have some fun.

You have total unrestricted access to share your videos on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok , Youtube, websites etc.

Our software is constantly learning and adapting to various events around the world of music. You potentially will have access to unlimited AI generated beats. All the beats on our app are generated by our software. Computer generated beats or Computer generated music seems to be a far fetched thought as of now but we are making all efforts to have AI generated music as a helping hand to Rappers , Song Composers, Lyricists, amateur and professional artists, Singers and anyone who loves singing and having some fun.


We are here for you if you want to talk. Please share your feedback and let us know how we can improve.