Create personalized karaoke track of your favorite songs

MyraMusic – Create Challenge – A Beautiful Sing to Beat or Rap App

MyraMusic, a Silicon Valley-based startup has the vision to provide AI-generated music to its users. We want to be known for AI-generated music. AI-generated music is not an alternative to the music generated by artists, instead, it is a supplement to their creativity. AI-generated music may give a starting baseline to an artist and personalize it for the faster production of the music. The AI-generated music could also give users alternate tracks or creative fun tracks for an established song for a change and more fun. It will create new opportunities for the hidden musician. Thie Sing to Beat also has its origins in singing health.


However, the initial phase of the MyraMusic App is Sing to Beat(S2B) or Rap. Rapping is understood to be a known type, hip hop music. However, Sing to Beat (S2B) is for enjoying freely a sense of singing, even without singing sometimes. Sing to Beat is to speak or sing your heart out to the rhythm of a beat. One can add audio, video, or re-mix filters to beautify the created music before publishing it and inviting your friends to join you.