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MyraMusic – Getting a Grasp of AI-Generated Music

Is AI generated music a far-fetched thought?

Until recently, to enjoy music live required performance from a people in person, i.e., the live performance. Musicians performing keyboards, strings, percussions, chants, and other variety of instruments. Radio and pre-recorded music made it possible to distribute a performance to a wider audience. Recording mechanisms evolved through records, cassettes, recorders followed by broadcasts, the Internet, and remote broadcast stations. More people enjoyed the music. It is rare to find a person who does not like music. Any event in nature or produced by humans produces a sound or melody associated with it. Thus, music is considered a part and parcel of humans. Some call it the sound of the soul.

In the music technology ecosystem, there is music production, music packaging and distribution, and payment to artists. There has been a significant evolution of the storage of music, distribution, editing, and enhancement of the music. Currently, there is an interest in producing music faster and even less expensive for corporate applications or even for entertainment purposes.

For a solo composer, playing multiple instruments would be practically impossible. Thus, the technology can provide musical accompaniment to a solo composer. The user must learn the use of software to produce the desired music. Current software products include sound fonts or music loops for various instruments and make them available to a user composing music.

However, with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in generating music, the software program listens to a human voice, analyzes it, and generates a piece of music

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