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“Need beats for Freestyle Rap” is a common search term on google. Well, the question is whether there are actually free beats available. The term “free” is loosely used to communicate that you can download beats but…

The word “but” kind of defeats the purpose. If there is something free, there should typically be no conditions attached to the use. Many publishers of free beats have terms and conditions and only if you comply with those then you could use the beats. These terms and conditions can be simple to very complex ones. For a common person to understand these terms and conditions can be really challenging at times. For example, the terms might state that you could use the beats only for personal purposes or a social media channel you own. But the social media channel you own is actually for business. so do you qualify to use the beats? It’s a no man’s land, tough gray area if you ask me.

So we created Myra App to let people download beats for free (with no “but”). Furthermore, you can use these rap beats in any number of projects (personal or commercial). Our immediate goal is to provide beats for freestyle rap, background music for rap, and royalty-free beats for rap.

We think providing beats to rappers for free gives a unique opportunity to aspiring rappers who don’t have to spend money or resources on acquiring these beats.

Rappers and short song composers will have access to a potentially unlimited number of beats for their songs. These artists can not only use these beats as is but also tweak them to create their original version.

Check out some cool beats on the app. Stay tuned for the updates.

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