Create personalized karaoke track of your favorite songs

Personalized Karaoke Track

To understand what a personalized track means, let’s first understand how karaoke tracks are made. In recent years the word “Karaoke” is becoming popular. There are millions of people on karaoke apps like Smule, Starmaker, etc. Have you ever wondered how these apps get the karaoke versions of the songs? In simple words, the karaoke tracks on these apps are actually uploaded by their users. Users of these apps create karaoke tracks outside the app and then upload it using the user interface provided by these apps. But how are these users creating so many karaoke tracks? Is it simple? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because there are many tutorials and content available on the internet which can teach you how to create karaoke tracks on your own. No, because there is a learning curve involved and it is also a time-consuming task.

Let me explain in the simplest way how to create a karaoke track on your own. You will need some kind of audio processing software or a Digital Audio Workstation. Then you need to figure out how to separate vocals from the song. Once vocals are separated you can delete the vocal section and export the remaining section as a karaoke track. You can add lyrics and time it to perfection if you choose to. There are software or services available which can do all the above steps for you so that you can skip the learning curve and just get the karaoke track. So essentially what you get is the original song minus the vocals. What if you wanted to add a melody section to overlay the karaoke track and fill the void created by the removal of vocals from the song. In other words what if you wanted to personalize these tracks. What if you wanted to choose your favorite instrument for the melody line. If somehow you could achieve this then such a track would be a personalized karaoke track. The karaoke maker software available on the web of mobile phones does a great job by removing the vocals and creating a karaoke track. But such software doesn’t address the issue of personalization. solves this problem by letting you add melody and melody layers on top of the original music arrangement. It also removes the vocals so that you don’t have to spend time on them. It does all of this in real-time. It takes a few minutes for it to complete as there is a lot of audio processing that is being done in the background. The user interface is simple and has just a minimal number of steps to generate your own personalized karaoke track. This is just a start, there are several unique features in’s pipeline that can help you customize a song to its fullest extent while at the same time keeping the original form of the song intact.

5 thoughts on “Personalized Karaoke Track

  1. 👍 works well for new songs. I can still hear the vocals when i try creating karaoke for older songs(80’s)

    1. yep, unfortunately, the tech since the ’80s has developed a lot. For now, Myra works best for songs released after 2010.

  2. do you guys have plans to add more instruments? for example I would really like to have some brass stuff.

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