Create personalized karaoke track of your favorite songs

Royalty-Free Beats for Personal and Commercial Use

The music industry is being influenced by artificial intelligence (AI). Innovations are happening, new technologies or solutions are evolving. Now computers can generate music based on user preferences, instruments, innovation intelligence, and the solution approach or the algorithm. Music creation can be at your disposal and anyone can be a composer therefore making Royalty-Free Beats for Personal and Commercial Use available to everyone.

Besides personal capabilities, video content creators also need music to enhance their impact on the audience. Conventionally, it is licensed music by artists for limited use, free common creative content, or subscription-based service providing the music by artists. Depending upon the visibility of the video content or use of the music, the price for such music could be extensive for corporate or large customers.

MyraMusic is breaking the mold where the music is created by computers using AI. Now, the music is artist agnostic and can be used royalty-free. The user becomes the artist. He or she or the company inputs the rhythm or idea of the music and the computer can do the rest.

While the technology on its way, MyraMusic has launched its Rap Challenge version using free beats. Visit or download MyraMusic App on iPhone at this time. The Android version is to be released soon.

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