How myra app is helping Artists (Songwriters/Singers/Composers)?

Humans and computers have done wonders working together for past couple of decades. While computers cannot replace humans but it can surely help in making things easier and interesting. Our effort is to help people create new music with a little bit of help from the computer. Our software creates tunes that can give a composer new ideas. We welcome people to use our music as they like.
myra is a platform which creates music based on complex algorithms and AI. All tracks generated in the app are Originals.
We have users who built an entire song by adding their own lyrics to the tunes generated by Myra. We also have users who have taken the idea of a tune from Myra Original track and composed an all together different song.
Users are welcome to post their original tracks on Youtube or Spotify or any other platform. Users can monetize their Original track. As far as copyrights and royalties go, we have no strings attached.

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