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Got Questions?

Here are a few frequently asked questions.

With you will be able to create your own Karaoke with Lyrics in just few minutes. You have options to Review, Edit and Personalize.

What is Auto Align Lyrics?

Auto Align is an automated process of aligning start and end times of each lyrics line to the actual song sung by the singer. Make sure that the YouTube URL or the Local File is of complete song including the vocals and music.

What is Manually Align Lyrics?

Manual Alignment is a process to align start and end times of each line of lyrics of a song manually. If you choose this option then you can provide the start and end times of each line of the lyrics. 
Generally, if the song is popular we recommend choosing Auto Align option and fixing issues using our Review and Edit feature. This way you can have Myra do most of the heavy lifting while you can do the finishing touches.

What if Auto Align does not give me correct results?

You have an option to Review, Edit and Personalize the Karaoke Video with Lyrics. You will receive the Karaoke Video File in your email. You will also receive a link to Review, Edit and Personalize. If you think that the Auto Align has few mistakes then you can use the Review link to make corrections and generate the Karaoke video again. You have unlimited access to Review and Edits.

What are the languages supported?

We support English and all Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali etc. We also support French, Spanish, Italian and other European languages so long as the lyrics provided to Myra is in English script. We don’t support non-English scripts or characters. For example, we don’t support Chinese script.

What is Add Melody Option?

In short if you select this option then it will replace the vocals sung by the singer with a melody of the tune of the song. To see it in effect make sure to choose a YouTube URL or File which has complete song including the vocals and the music.

Is Review and Edit option available for Manual Align?

At this time Review and Edit Option is only available for Auto Align.

Please send us an email at in case you would like this feature to be available for Manual Align option as well.

A fresh approach to create Karaoke Video with Lyrics

Creating Karaoke Video with Lyrics should not take more than few mins. Myra Karaoke Maker also provides an option to add Melody and Layers to personalize your Karaoke.

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Creating Karaoke Video using Audio and Video Editing Tools can take up to few hours. With Myra Karaoke Maker you can do it in few minutes.